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Swanktown Radio Top 10 - December 2000

1 - The Ray Gelato Giants
Live In Italy
Double Scoop Records
2 1 Mora's Modern Rhythmists
Call Of The Freaks
Mr. Ace Records
3 2 Lily Wilde & Her Jumpin' Jubilee Orchestra
Insect Ball
Lil Tom Tom
4 3 Rebecca Downs
Love Me Like Candy
The Kyler Company
5 7 Megan West Swingin' Big Band
Megco Records
6 - The New Morty Show
Slimstyle Records
7 4 Peggy Cone and The Central Park Stompers
Bad Girl Shoes
Cone Entertainment
8 - Michael Andrew
I Guess I'm A Little Out Of Date
M.A. Records
9 5 June Christy & Stan Kenton
Somewhere There's Music
10 8 Midiri Brothers Orchestra
Finger Bustin'
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