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June 1, 2002
This is a replay of the 6/2/01 show.

Esquivel - Harlem Nocturne
Hugo Montenegro - Guaglione
Edmundo Ros - Tea For Two
Laurie Johnson - Minor Bossa Nova
Joe Graves and the Diggers - Witchcraft
Frankie Capp - Why Don't You Do Right
Hula Joe & The Hutjumpers - That Hula Skirt
Set 'Em Up Joe - She Can't Dance
Johnny Angel - No Soap Blues
Benny Goodman - Rachel's Dream
Michael Sicoly - Ol' Jumpin' Jitters
Four Charms - Sherry Flip
Slicked-Up 9's - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Nick Palumbo & The Flipped Fedoras - The Big Beat
Big Time Operator - It Don't Mean A Thing
Swingtips - Business End Of The Barrel
Indigo Swing - Don't Worry So Much
Johnny Boyd - Comin' Home To You
Ann Margret - Teach Me Tonight

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