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May 11, 2002

Glen Gray - Woodchopper's Ball
Tex Beneke - A Gal In Calico
Billy Eckstine - I'm Beginning To See The Light
Sammy Davis Jr - River Stay 'Way From My Door (live)
Frank Sinatra - Goody Goody/Chicago (live)
Charmin Michelle - Your Mother's Son-In-Law
Johnny Boyd - Comin' Home To You
Mickey Swingerhead - Babette Of The R.K.O
The Swingin' Bachelors - The Ball Bounces
Last of the International Playboys - Win Some Lose Some
Blue Lunch - All Mine, All Fine
Ron Sunshine & Full Swing - She Won't Believe
Megan West Big Band - Chicken Reel (live)
The Midiri Brothers - Slipped Disk
City Rhythm - Goin' To Town
Big Kahuna - Come On-A-My House
Claude Bolling Big Band - La Marseillaise
Eddie Reed Big Band - Jazznocracy
Blue Sky 5 - I Don't Know Enough About You

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